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Everything You Need To Know About Designing Creative Digital Banners

In today’s vast digital landscape where e-marketing is full of competition, captivating the viewer’s interest is an art form in itself. Digital banner design has become one of the most effective tools for engaging audiences, conveying messages, and promoting brands in the online realm. However digital banner designing may require a great deal of hard work, time, and investment.

Creative designing of digital banners demands skills to craft appealing visual elements such as color schemes, typography, imagery, and animated graphics which will both capture the customer’s attention as well as reflect your brand’s identity.

There are agencies out there which help individuals/businesses promote their brand by making an outstanding digital banner design. They apply eye-catching graphic designing techniques to stand your digital banner ad out from the crowd. They have high quality softwares, tools, ways, and experts.  Dad of ad (one of India’s top advertising agencies) is one such agency which can help you sky-rocket your business in a considerable period.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about designing creative digital banners. We will explore the tips and techniques, steps to follow, and major platforms or tools of digital banner design.

Digital banner design - Web banner

Tips and Techniques for Creative Digital Banner Design

There are some tips, techniques, and strategies that you need to keep in mind and follow throughout the process of banner design. After all, it is the reflection of your brand and sets your identity in the market. Let’s look into it in detail;

Select the most effective, standard size

Digital banner sizes are crucial factors in making the banner design ad successful as it affects the banner’s visibility on the page. 

It also plays a significant role in channeling your ideas and conveying your messages in the correct manner that befits your brand.

Here are the standard sizes for creative designing of a well-performing digital banner design suggested by Google Adsense;

  • 728x90px for “Leaderboard”
  • 300x600px for “Half Page”
  • 300x250px for “Medium Rectangular”
  • 336x280px for “Large Rectangular”

Still, small sizes are better sizes when compared to large sizes. Small sizes boost the traffic to your digital banner design ad by loading quickly before the viewer scrolls down and misses it.

Position your digital banner design ads strategically on your website

Placing your digital banner designs in the right places can generate more traffic on your website leading to high click-through rates for your brand or product. 

Position your banner in high-traffic locations on your website where the eyes of viewers usually wander.

Place your banner components in a proper balance

Maintaining the right balance between all the components in your digital banner ad is equally important. Banner design comprises four elements i.e. namely;

  • The Company Logo
  • The Value Proposition
  • The visual representation of your product
  • Call to Action (CTA)

The Company Logo

The company logo is the first component that reflects your brand. Therefore make this a dominant graphic on your banner ad. But this should not be as dominant as value proposition, visual representation, and call to action.

The Value Proposition

The value proposition creates your brand value by advertising your services and products. 

You can complement this section by writing things like “High quality”, “Buy one get one free”, “Best selling”, etc. It should cover the most space in your banner design ad.

The Visual Representation

In the visual representation, you show your viewers some data or relevant information related to your ad. It may be images, graphs, tables, or flowcharts.

Call to Action

The (CTA) Call to Action is the text or button in your banner that invites your consumers to click and buy your product. 

Make this clear and focal point of the ad. A clear, solid CTA reduces obstacles for customers and enhances click-through rates.

Here are a few tips on creative designing of an impactful CTA button and placing it in the proper position in your digital banner;

  • Make it easily recognizable in a rectangular shape and with rounded edges.
  • Keep the button size moderate, neither too big nor too small.
  • The text or font on the CTA button should be clear and easy to notice.
  • Put a sense of urgency in the CTA button. Eg. Buy Now, Limited Stock, etc.
  • Associate the CTA button and the ad with you saying “Join Me”, “Sign Me Up”, etc. It shows a sense of trust and authenticity.

Make it simple

You need to understand that viewers peep into your banner for an instant, not for a prolonged period. Nobody likes to see discordant elements that create confusion in their minds. 

Therefore design your digital banner as simply as possible. Keep the texts, imagery, and other graphics clear and easy to read. 

This does not mean you cannot do creative designing on your digital banner. You can create stunning designs for your ad. But do not put complex stuff on your digital banner design, just keep it simple.

John Franklin said that; “Simplicity carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.”

Use appropriate buttons

Buttons are where your click-through rate increases and boosts your business. Hence make sure to keep them consistent throughout your set of ads. Moreover, keep these buttons immediately after the copy in contrasting colors.

Make a clearly defined frame

Banner ads that feature a lot of impressions contain clear, attractive frames. Therefore creative designing of frames is important. 

The frame of the banner should suit its banner size and contrast with its color. 

Make your text easy to read

Make your text easy to notice, and instantly readable, make short sentences and familiar words that your customers easily understand. 

Do not ever use cursive, thin fonts which people struggle to read and comprehend. Consider using clear, bold, and fat fonts.

Employ animation

Create an animation video to demonstrate your brand and product. People are seen to be much attracted towards the animation rather than the same, repeated texts and graphics.

Nevertheless, ensure that the animation is not so dominant that it hides or rolls over the main message you want to convey.

Preferably position the animation at the bottom of the banner near the Call to Action button.

Blend your digital banner design

Blend your digital banner with other ads, texts, graphics, videos, animations, and other pages of your website to create a link between each part of your website.

Connecting the web pages and other components altogether enhances your brand’s authenticity and develops trust between you and customers.

However, make sure you don’t make an ambiguous mixture of things on the web page. It is something to be done smartly with a strategy.

Remain consistent with your brand

You link your digital banner design to the landing page where you invite your customers and offer different sets of products or services. 

Keep updating your landing pages regularly. Don’t allow outdated offers to be there so your potential customers don’t get confused.

Use the perfect imagery

Creative designing of the graphics and photos on your digital banner design will upscale traffic on your web page. The perfect imagery related to your brand or product can help consumers understand the message you want to convey.

  • First and foremost, do not use photos in your digital banner design if you think you don’t need them. Since they are becoming popular these days, they might not create an impact.
  • If the graphical imagery is enough and works better for you, don’t hesitate to concentrate and rely on this single imagery instead of low-performing photos.
  • Custom typography is now trending in the market.
  • You may apply additional graphics, filters, and creative designing to your photographs to make them more stunning and eye-catching
  • Keep images in your banner ads according to your targeted customer’s location. It will attract more customers when they relate to your ad with their region and identity.
  • Use a human smiling face in your imagery. People feel more pleasant when they see another human with a happy face.

Choose impressive colors

Colors play a crucial role in provoking people’s emotions and making your digital banner design clickable ads. There are specific colors that are associated with evoking particular feelings in people. 

Besides emotions, colors are also subjective in different cultures. Understanding your audience and their color preferences can amplify your sales. 

For example; red depicts passion, anger, excitement, and love. Green represents health, freshness, a clean environment, etc. Similarly white shows purity and simplicity. 

These color preferences may vary from person to person, from one region to another, and from culture to culture. Therefore you need to study your audience before designing your digital ad banner.

Apart from the whole banner, the CTA button should be according to these colors to make the CTA more clickable.

File formats

Using the correct file format will help the search engine to index your banner ad smoothly and more quickly.

Do not use any outdated file formats. JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5 should be the staple of your file formats if you want to create solid digital ad banners.

Feature Metaphorical Visuals

Using metaphorical graphics and photos in your banner design ads may impress the viewers and create a good influence. However, your core idea or message should be visible to your customers, or else it might confuse the viewers.

Example of metaphorical imagery;

Digital banner design - creative designing

In this picture, Tropicana has advertised their orange juice, illustrating an orange on their banner ad. It makes people relate to the real orange and urges them to buy the orange juice.

Are you feeling this whole process of creating an effective digital banner challenging or busy with your schedule? Do not dwell on it.

Dad of ad (one of India’s top advertising agencies) will take care of your brand’s advertisement and promotion by making the best suitable digital banners for your brands after studying your audience.

Top Five Digital Banner-Making Softwares

Banner-making software is a program that facilitates you to craft beautiful, impressive digital banner designs for your ads. This software has tools, templates, and graphical suggestions that best suit your product or services.

There is plenty of banner-making software out there in the online market which helps creative graphic designing, some are free, and others are paid. We are going to present to you five free leading software that you can use to design your digital banner.


Canva is a popular creative designing platform used for creative graphic designing, presentations, pictures, and digital banners.

What makes Canva special is it is easy to use. It is a beginner-friendly banner-making software that doesn’t require a lot of experience in graphic design. You can design a professional-looking digital banner with basic knowledge.

Digital banner design - creative graphic design through canva

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best creative graphic designing and photo-editing softwares available in the market. You can also create 3D digital banner design ads on this software to improve your visuality on the web page.

However, in contrast to Canva, this is not for beginners. It has so many bells and whistles in creative graphic designing that only an experienced person can understand. It is a great platform but takes time to learn.

Therefore if you are looking for something unchallenging, you can go for Canva which is best suitable for beginners.

Some key features of Adobe Photoshop;

  • Smart Objects
  • Selection Tools
  • Pen Tool
  • Advanced Layers
  • Retouching Tools
  • Masking Tools
  • 3D Tools

Creative designing through Adobe Photoshop


DocHipo is one of the best platforms where you can carry out creative graphic designing for your digital banner. It has sets of pre-built templates and assets that will help and guide you in the design process. It can seem complicated at first sight, but it is easy to learn.


Creative graphic design through Dochippo

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an all-round, masterful software for creative graphic designing suitable for professionals who have a proficient level of experience and a creative mind.

Adobe Illustrator also has ready-to-use templates and graphic suggestions for creative designing of the banner ads.

Key features of Adobe Illustrator;

  • Amazing typography features
  • Allows for the creation of vector graphics that can be scaled without loss of details, making it easy for creative graphic designing  for different screen sizes and contexts

digital banner design through Adobe illustrator


Abyssal is another wonderful software for creative designing where you can create highly impressive digital banners designs.

This platform is also beginner-friendly. You can use this platform for creative graphic designing with literally no experience. It is quite an automated type of graphic designing software.

Abyssal uses an AI-generated method to create graphics and images. This software has both an AI option as well as a customized option. You can make your creative graphic designing through the AI method or prefer to customize it on your own.

To create through the AI method, follow these steps;

  • Choose a template
  • Upload the text as an Excel sheet
  • Let the tool do the work


Demonstrating your products and services through eye-catching digital banners will build your brand awareness leading to high click-through rates, purchases, and leads.

An effective banner stands out from the crowd and reflects your brand’s personality and values. Therefore the digital banner design must be suitable for your brand.

Making a digital banner ad does not just include designing some graphical presentations and arranging them in an order. In fact it is a lot more than that. 

Before making the banner, you need to study your targeted audience. Also ensure that your digital banner design matches your brand, evokes people’s emotions, and persuades them to buy your product.

Besides this, to catch the consumers’ attention, you need to be aware of the latest trends and the best practices prevailing in the market.

Dad of Ad will study your business as well as your target audience. It will identify your brand’s optimal strength to showcase and find out what keeps your targeted customers up at night.

As it is a complex process to design the best suitable digital banner ad, you can avail the services of Dad of ad (one of India’s top advertising agencies) to do it on your behalf.


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