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10 Organic B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics For Any Industry

Brian Solis, a best-selling author and keynote speaker, said, “Perhaps one of the more understated benefits of social media in B2B is the ability to establish and foster expertise within a given industry or niche. The same tools and services that new influencers leverage to construct prominence and demonstrate awareness are also readily available to anyone with wisdom and vision to share.”

Unlike deals and transactions in B2C or individual parties, B2B commercial activities happen in an incredibly professional and formal fashion. They require a greater intensity of professionalism and genuineness to close the deals and make a phenomenal impact.

Therefore, to grow traffic on your website organically and create a more significant impact, B2B enterprises must ensure their communication is reliable and sufficiently trustworthy.

They must assure formality and authenticity in their products and services, customer support systems, and especially in their marketing tactics and methodologies to accomplish their marketing and business goals.

B2B social media marketing allows businesses to present their brand as experts in the industry by providing a platform to share their ideas and wisdom with their audience. 

Social platforms that are available for celebrities to gain popularity and build an audience community are also open to general people to fulfill personal aspirations and businesses who want to carry out commercial processes and marketing activities.

B2B social media marketing encourages brands to post content that reflects their unique thoughts, ideas, and concepts, which are essential to promote brand visibility, foster authenticity and build trust among the target consumers.

In this article, we will discuss what organic B2B social media marketing involves and the ten best tactics to have a smooth marketing experience and enhance your brand credibility.

What is Organic B2B Social Media Marketing

b2b social media marketing, organic social media marketing

Organic B2B social media marketing refers to the practice of creating brand awareness and increasing visibility on the platform with the intent of attracting B2B clients, generating interest in products and services, drawing valuable leads, and boosting conversions.

Organic B2B social media marketing is not the same as paid social media marketing, which includes paid social media ads, sponsored advertising on third-party social profiles, etc.

Instead of hiring for paid social media ads, several B2B businesses choose to employ and stick to organic social media marketing that includes attracting potential B2B clients with natural, unpaid, and complementary but authentic ways of marketing.

In this context, we need to keep a significant matter in mind. Numerous businesses operate with paid B2B marketing that includes hyper-targeted social ads, sponsored marketing, account-based advertising, and several other components.

In order to compete with these B2B competitors, your organic social media tactics and strategies should contain well-thought-out planning and reasonable implementation. 

Well, here, we are not conveying that organic social media marketing cannot bring the expected results. It, of course, has the potential to derive your desired outcomes.

However, creating an effective organic social media marketing strategy requires sound wisdom, domain expertise, knowledge, and experience to craft an excellent strategy that helps you perform well and survive competently on the platform.

Therefore, to fulfill your business goals and marketing provisions, you still require a little help from experienced professionals and experts in organic social media marketing.

We at Dad of Ad, one of the best social media marketing companies that provides excellent social media management services, will help you craft the most promising organic B2B social media marketing strategy to increase your visibility and help you achieve your business goals.

10 Organic B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics

b2b social media marketing, organic social media marketing, social media marketing companies

We have discussed and understood what organic B2B social media marketing is and how it differs from paid social media marketing.

Now, let us discuss the ten essential steps and tactics that may help you formulate an impactful organic B2B social media marketing strategy to boost your visibility on the platform and characterize your expertise.

1. Set Smart Goals

Before designing an organic B2B social media marketing strategy, you want to define your business goals and marketing objectives that shape your approach and course of action. 

Defining goals is the first and paramount step you take to craft a successful plan of action for your B2B social media marketing. Keeping your goals smart not only provides the pavement for your business growth but also impresses your target audience by matching their interests.

Your goals should appeal to your target audience, align with their interests, expectations, and real-life demands, and present your brand as remarkable with a unique goal among several businesses.

After describing your business and marketing goals, you need to specify further your smaller, short-term goals that will help achieve your more prominent goals that move in the long run. For example;

  • Creating your brand awareness
  • Building a community
  • Educating your audience to showcase expertise
  • Generating leads

All these can be your pocket goals that go hand-in-hand and keep changing according to circumstances and may demand different methods and resources with time.

Besides shaping your action plan, your objectives also help demarcate your metrics for key performance indicators (KPIs). For instance, to generate brand awareness, attract a target audience, and build a community, you focus on improving your engagement metrics, impressions, and reach.

Similarly, to generate more leads, you focus on growing your clicks and conversion rates to enhance your business and marketing performance.

Are you finding it complicated to conduct in-depth research and determine step-by-step goals for your business as per your growth and performance? Do not bother!

Dad of Ad, one of the most reliable social media marketing companies that provide top-class social media management services, can identify your business goals and help you manage your operations based on your goal settings.

2. Research your competitors

While organic social media marketing offers tremendous opportunities to upscale your branding, it also comes with immense competition. 

Therefore, understanding your competitors, the market trends, demands, best practices, and what sort of customer interaction takes place is essential to designing a substantial organic social media marketing strategy.

By researching the competition and the competitors, you not only understand how marketing activities operate within the market but also learn new business tactics, discover new aptitudes, find creative ways of solving problems, and have a better understanding of your industry.

At this juncture, you can utilize various tools and opportunities available on social media platforms, like social listening tools, competitor analysis tools, etc., and carry out manual monitoring. Do not forget to track the following data related to your competitors;

  • What type of content do they post?
  • How often do they post the content?
  • What type of audience following do they have?
  • What methods do they use to attract an audience?
  • What campaigns do they run?
  • What is the rate of click-throughs on their social ads?

Apart from these, there are many factors that you need to keep account of and learn from to design a strategy that delivers fruitful results.

However, researching the competitors does not include directly copying strategies. It implies that monitoring your competitors allows you to learn from their knacks, develop a competent aptitude, and find multiple sources and methods of solving your marketing problems.

Dad of Ad, one of the best social media marketing companies providing reliable social media management services to various businesses, has social media experts and marketing specialists who are well-versed in the industry.

Our professionals understand your competitors, their strategy and how it works on social platforms, are aware of the market trends, and possess unique abilities, skills, and knacks to beat the competition and stand out.

3. Post compelling content

Content is a prominent and central element of social marketing in influencing people on social platforms, be it text-based content, pictures, videos, animations, infographics, etc. 

What type of content you post, the relevance of the content, and timely publishing can directly impact your social identity on the platform.

In order to generate the maximum awareness and build a loyal audience community, you need to create compelling content that impresses your clients, appeals to their emotions, and matches their interests. 

Besides, as discussed above, B2B clients often check your authority and command over your niche. Hence, to prove your authority in your niche or industry, you post content whose subject and format illustrate your expertise.

To plan your content strategy for your B2B organic social media marketing, keep the following things in mind;

  • Create your content posting calendar
  • Repurposes content for the social platform
  • Produce original content

Create your content posting calendar

b2b social media marketing, organic social media marketing, social media management services

Although social media allows you to exchange ideas and promote your brand by posting various forms of content, you do not want to adversely affect your audience engagement because of posting on least-active timings. 

Check out the peak hours and activity times of your target audience to make an effective content posting plan. An appropriate posting plan with the right posting frequency not only generates interest, reach, and engagement but also increases your social media optimization.

Algorithms on social media enhance visibility of the profile whose posting times are strategic. Therefore, to earn the favor of social media sites’ algorithms, consistent activity on the platform is essential.

Make a content calendar defining what type of content you post, covering what matters, on which platform, at what time and duration, and intervals between each posting. It helps organize your content postings accurately and ensures that your content satisfies its purpose.

Repurpose existing content for social platforms

Refining and tailoring your existing content according to the respective social platform and audience interest can boost your expansion, save you time in creating fresh content, improve work efficiency, and allow you to get the most out of your content.

Convert your blog posts into videos, videos into shorts and reels, text-based content into infographics, and case studies and whitepapers.

Identify the content formats that prevail in each social platform, the user’s preferences, and the platform tone to expand your reach to the maximum platforms and engage the audience across distances.

Produce original content

Instead of posting plagiarized content or content similar to your competitors describing no potential excellence fails to generate interest among people on social platforms. Try covering different issues, solution methods, content forms, and ideas to be noticeable and project your eminence.

Describe your unique goals and objectives, core values, missions and visions, and your unique brand identity to influence and inspire the people to engage with your content and become a part of your audience community.

Visual content that includes infographics, videos, graphical presentations, animations, etc. is more prevalent in the market and is preferred by most audiences.

Dad of Ad, one of the best social media marketing companies providing the best social media management services, understands your brand to come up with unique approaches to creating visually aesthetic content to help you shine in the social realm.

4. Create content according to social-friendly formats

b2b social media marketing, organic social media marketing

Social-friendly content formats like short videos, reels, infographics, and pictures that interact with people on an intense level tend to draw your audience’s attention the most.

While researching your audience, recognize what content formats they like on different social networks. For example, audiences on Facebook and Instagram like short videos, reels, infographics, and pictures. 

Audiences on LinkedIn prefer content with a professional tone that includes thought leadership-like content. Similarly, the audience on Twitter may engage with the short, precise, and to-the-point types of content.

Dad of Ad, one of the renowned social media marketing companies that provides quality social media management services, can help you create content that is tailored to your social media platforms, and identify the most suitable for respective content formats to enhance your marketing performance.

5. Identify your unique brand voice

If your company dreams of appearing as a unique brand with extraordinary capabilities to solve problems and fulfill expectations, showcase the same in your content, making it unique, exceptional, and outstanding.

Identify your core values, recognize your brand’s personality traits, track your audience’s preferences, and understand how you can be unique from other players in the market. 

Also, discover your unique brand voice and outline your brand guidelines on how you will communicate with your audience.

Dad of Ad, one of the renowned social media marketing companies that provides quality social media management services, has professionals who have experience working with different brands and organizations. 

They will not only help you discover your uniqueness and identify your brand voice but also prepare a strategy and produce content that presents your brand creatively and sets a remarkable impression among the audience.

6. Follow the trends

Adjust your organic social media marketing strategy according to the latest trends and best practices in your industry, the social network you operate, and the content type that endures among your audience preferences.

Stay up-to-date with recent information and reports related to your industry and blend that information with the content you post on social networks. 

You can also track your audience’s pain points and problems and highlight them in your content to ensure you are aware of your audience’s latest challenges.

You can also choose to incorporate keywords and SEO factors in your content to rank higher on social platforms. All these methods work great if you want to create content that looks fresh, trendy, and contemporary.

Dad of Ad, one of the renowned social media marketing companies that provides quality social media management services, have experienced and  qualified professionals who constantly monitor the latest trends, changing preferences, and the best practices of organic social media marketing.

They will craft a strategy to wisely incorporate the latest trends in your content to boost creativity in your social profiles and content postings.

7. Highlight employees

b2b social media marketing, organic social media marketing, social media marketing companies, social media management services

While your employees perform various tasks, handle your projects, follow your instructions, collaborate with essential bodies to get things done, and stand committed to your goals and objectives, they can also act as brand ambassadors who can help propagate your business and expand your reach.

Well, how? Whether you are a small business or a large business, your consumers know without suspicion that they are your employees who will be working in your organization and delivering the ultimate products and services.

Therefore, illustrating their skills, expertise, and abilities will directly impact your consumer decision and convince them that the quality and efficiency of the services they hire are accurate.

Along with screening videos and pictures of products and services, most leading companies nowadays have developed a tendency to showcase pictures and videos of their employees and their work culture. 

It depicts their professionalism, integrity among colleagues, enthusiasm to solve the client’s problems, and assembling an ultimate source for creating quality products and services customers expect from the brand.

Hence, highlight the details about your employees, expertise, qualifications, and experiences in your social profiles and content postings. You can choose to design an infographic where you can explain the details of your employees and work procedures using icons, images, and graphics to generate interest in your organization.

8. Refine your strategy

To get the most out of your efforts in B2B organic social media marketing, tracking your success, discovering mistakes that may lead to failure, and recognizing the space for improvement are crucial. Keep conducting audits over time to track your content performance and marketing enactments.

As discussed above, depending on your goals, you can calculate your key performance indicators to measure your performance. 

For instance, if your goal is to expand your reach, create brand awareness, and build a potent audience community, you can track KPIs like engagement, reach, impressions, likes, etc.

Similarly, if your goal is to drive traffic and persuade customers to take a desired action, you can monitor your click-through and conversion rates. These data help you refine your strategy and upgrade with the latest and more applicable content and marketing strategy.

Apart from tracking KPIs, you can also monitor and analyze your customer satisfaction rate, customer feedback, comments, and quality reviews, and you can also utilize social media analytical tools to know relevant data to refine your strategy.

9. Humanize your profile

Humans make organizations and business groups, and they are the ones who deal with the decisions of sales and purchases. Instead of conveying your message in an excessively professional and intellectual tone, share your ideas in a personalized tone, human terminology, and manageable phrasing. 

People trust a brand that makes them feel personal. Showcase your care, knowledge, and concern for your B2B client through your social postings by outlining their problems and how you are the best to solve those issues.

Identify your client’s expectations, likes and dislikes, and what emotions they have with the products and services you are offering to create content that appeals to their human feelings and sensations. 

Through your social profile and postings, demonstrate the alignment between your business and your B2B client. Describe your core values, personality traits, motivations, methods of working, and goals and objectives. Try to create a link between your goals and the goals and purposes of your B2B clients.

Highlight how you can collaborate to bring changes and fulfill the expectations of the clients of your target consumers. It will help you personalize your business conversation with your client and allow you to build trust, foster strong relationships, and drive lucrative conversions.

10. Customer support system

Businesses that want to grow their ventures and sustain their eminence in the long term never overlook investing in improving their customer support system. 

It includes providing prompt replies to comments, personalized conversations as required, and streamlining sufficient customer support. Many businesses that have gained popularity and built reputation in a shorter span compared to other businesses, claim to have a healthy customer support system.

In this fast-paced world, customers expect prompt responses to their queries, comments, and feedback. You can also enforce the auto-reply setup to ensure your client’s satisfaction.

Examine the diverse commercial tones, needs, and preferences of diverse clients. While communicating with each B2B client use these facts and personalize your language and tone with their specific needs and preferences to have more meaningful conversations.

Substantial customer support system also comes with learning relevant industry insights, the latest trends, and the best practices related to business communication, various business forms, and niches. 

These facts allow you to understand the overview of your industry and help you locate opportunities to find new, valuable leads. The responsive customer support system ultimately allows you to gain more traffic, increase your retention rate, and sustain the long-term buyer community.


b2b social media marketing, organic social media marketing, social media marketing companies, social media management services

Organic social media marketing is a cost-effective source of marketing that offers several opportunities for businesses to grow and expand their reach across nations. Implement the above 10 tactics and conduct more research to understand what else you can apply to boost your marketing practices.

In today’s dynamic business world, clients expect creativity, adaptability, and originality to establish relationships with brands. Organic social media marketing has an abundance of prospects for businesses to grow as a unique, creative brand with an out-of-the-box approach to satisfy customers.

To spice up your organic social media marketing with enhanced support, assistance, and resources to accelerate your organic social marketing and amplify your business success, social media marketing companies like Dad of Ad provide well-equipped social media management services.

We have well-versed social media strategists to formulate the most functional organic social media marketing strategy for your business. We also have data analysts, advertisers, SEO specialists, and an excellent customer support team without which a business cannot grow in organic social media marketing.

Besides, the professional creative designers at our company will help enrich your content by applying brilliant design techniques that involve infographics, videos, animations, graphics, and other visuals to captivate the customer’s eyes and take your business to new heights.


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